Please always remember to be polite and respectful, first and foremost, as I will do the same, I am not tolerant of rude flaky people.
My donations should be ready and in UN-marked envelope upon arrival. We do not discuss fees and money at our date, this is very distasteful, and shows poor judgment. You should not discuss any sexual acts over the phone or in person, at our meeting or via email.
If you are extending your time and i have the availability, please honor the fees before you begin your extended times, and please be organized, since, i often get extended times. Please keep safe and keep me safe, and in a safe environment. I am here to please, and my full intention is to keep you happy and respected, so i expect the same.
I always do my Best, don't forget I will always love to see you again. If you have any comments and questions, feel free, to send me an email, and always keep in touch even after we meet.
Thanks, Eva.


I am looking forward to our meeting
We can arrange our meeting by email. I am always interested to hear you thoughts either negative or positive, I encourage you to keep in touch through email, and please tell me always about our meeting it will help me better understand your needs, after all we need to connect and have a happy union, in general.

Here is my official email adress: